a new smart camera and digital signage system for your shop

WebKan by is a new product that detects age, gender and other valuable information about your customers by using advanced analysis algorithms on images captured by one or more small cameras in your shop.


The system is based on a small, cheap hardware device with a microcamera installed.

Easy To Setup

The device can be installed in a few minutes and can be controlled from your PC or tablet.


With WebKan you can control a single device or hundreds, geographically distributed

Big Data

The system collect Big Data about your customers, analyzing images collected by cameras.

Business intelligence

You can access your stats trought a business intelligence system.

Central Management

You can manage all media and all devices from your PC.

WebKan can see your customers, can see your future ! !

Product features

  • Gather stats about your customers
  • Drive LCD display and PA Audio system
  • Targeted advertising
  • Media files management and distribution
  • Cheap device
  • Low subscription costs
  • Extract and analyze data